September 24, 2012

Tài Yáng flow charts

Digging through some of my papers over the weekend, I found an old chart I have, which gives a breakdown of the patterns found in the Shāng Hán Lún (伤寒论), with corresponding formulas, in a neat little flow chart format.  I decided to translate it this morning as I think it's pretty cool.  I've started with the Tài Yáng section, and will finish up the rest in the next few days.  Enjoy!


Doug Eisenstark said...

Did you ever do the other charts? These look great.

Eran Even said...

Thanks Douglas. I haven't gotten to the rest of them yet but maybe this was the motivation (and reminder) I needed. :)

Unknown said...

Hi! 2 year student avout to study formulas... this is great content! Thank you!

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